Toque Toque Pequeno is located 25km from the centre of São Sebastião, with its historical part, shops and restaurants, from where you can take the ferryboat to the island Ilhabela - Capital of Sailing and 7 km from Maresias, known fro surfing and nightlife. The city of São Sebastião, between rainforest and ocean, extends over 100km of coastline and offers over 30 beaches.

The climate is tropical-humid with temperatures ranging from 18 and 31 Degrees (celsius). The beaches are small and varied: some are plane with a large sand stripe as Baleia and Boracéia, others are a bit inclinated with fine sand and good wafes as Maresias and Camburi and finally the ones where the wafes break into the sand as Toque Toque Pequeno and Boiçucanga.

The region offers various trails to waterfalls and desert beaches. The Rainforest is here protected by the State Park Serra do Mar. The park is home to rare species of birds and plants. The trails can be done by foot or by bike. Some spots are good for the practice of cascading. The local islands are often visited by people that love to practice scuba diving.

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