Looking towards a sustainable development, it is essential to find a balance, including a critical issue: The preservation of the environment.

A rigid environmental ethic is important for the survival of the tourism industry. We have to build bridges with the local community and preserve the natural beauties of this world.

The Hotel Pousada Aparas

- searches the balance between people and nature, maintaining and protecting the environment today and in the future.
- adopts a culture that extends itself though the organization of the hotel, its employees and partners, its clients and local community to turn itelf into a company that preserves the environment.
- tries to reduce the impact with the environment, always continuing to meet the customers expectations.
- conserves natural resources, reducing the consumption of water and electrical energy to avoid depletion.
- uses products that have a minimum impact on the environment.
- reduces the production of solid waste, avoiding, reusing and recycling it.
- creates awareness with its employees towards environmental preservation.
- is always researching alternatives for environmental preseration.
- is always looking forward meeting the environmental legal requirements.


Reducing Solid Waste:
Starting with the purchase of the product, avoiding unnecessary packaging and individual packaging, as p.ex. jam and margarine.  We avoid the use of disposable products. Cans of drinks are separated and sold for recycling by our employees. We compact waste as plastic bottles and cans to minimise the waste volume sent for landfill. Through controlled acquisition and stock management we reduce solid waste..

Reducing the Electric Energy Consumption:
Monitoring and controlling the consumption, through maintenance of equipment, maximum usage of daylight, using motion sensors, energy efficient light bulbs and solar energy for the heating of water. Out of usage equipment is are turned off.

Reducing the Water Consumption:
We control the water consumption, use rain water for garden irrigation, avoid the usage of chemical products that pollute the water and incentivate our guests to reuse towels and linen as possible, minimising so the consumption of water and energy and polluting water with cleaning solutions as chlorine free bleaches.

We created a internal non-smoking ambient, avoiding health risks, principally for our small guests.

Local Community:
Incentivating local economy, using local working force and local suppliers.