Sitio Jequitibas

Park with approx. 10 hectars in the middle of the Atlantic Rainforest, located near the beach Boiçucanga in São Sebastião, on the way to Praia Brava beach, northcoast of São Paulo. Easy access.

Tour: Walk through the forest until you reach the Tyrolean Crossing/Flying Fox of 70m which leads to a deck on a 30 meters high Jequitibá tree. To continue the adventure, another Tyrolean Crossingr of 100m leads us back to the trail where we return to the first Tyrolean Crossing to cross to the deck, which we will leave thistime by abseiling the 30m. Beautiful scening and bird watching.


The region offers various options to ride the bike, various difficulty levels, asphalt and earth.


The Hotel rents individual, double and children caiaks. We indicate beautiful places to visit or accompany you on your tour.

Cascading / Abseiling

Wether you are a beginner or experienced, there are many spots to practice cascading and abseiling with different difficulty levels and heights from 30 to 100 metres. Local specialized guides will lead you there.

Culture / Theatre / Cinema

There are historical and cultural tours to do in São Sebastião organized by local agencies. The city offers a theatre and a cinema with current plays and movies.


The main places for shop are Maresias, Boiçucanga and the city centre of São Sebastião with small malls and supermarkets. It is worthwhile to cross to the island Ilhabela.

Boat Tours

Local agencies offer boat tours around the island of Ilhabela with some stops and on board barbecue. There are also fishing and diving.


Local Operators offer offroad tours to the beach of Castelhanos on Ilhabela, where you can spend the day on the beach, eat some fresh fish or make a walk to the waterfall Cachoeira dos Gatos.


The Hotel offers a massage service with relaxing and shiatsu massages.

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

There are many diving spots in the region, Ilhabela is famous for its shipwrecks. Local schools offer diving courses and equipment rental. The Hotel offers a swimming pool with a 3 metres deep spot to practice.


Surfer have various options of beaches for surfing as Maresias, Camburi and Guaecá. There are local schools that teach you how to surf.

Trails and Trekking

The region offers a variety of trails with different difficulty levels that lead you to waterfalls and desert beaches. Local guides will take you there.

Sailing / Windsurfing / Kite Surf

The channel between Ilhabela and the mainland is used for the above mentioned sports. Courses are locally offered.


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